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React Native App Developement

React Native Application Development is the most trending technology in today’s date as it allows you to build a real mobile application. You can use Java programming language for developing the application. React Native may sound something high and tough to understand kind of thing but it uses the synonyms User Interface building blocks like we use in android applications.

Some of the famous applications like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Tesla are using react native. This framework is considered as the future of hybrid mobile applications. At first React Native was developed by Facebook but later it made it an open source so now many developers are using it.

Benefits of React Native App Development


Code Re-Usability Reduces Overall Development Time

React Native runs on JavaScript that allows code re-usability for mobile as well as web platforms. With reusable components, it makes possible for a hybrid app to render natively just by compiling to native. Thus, it enables developers to reduce the overall time of app development process.


Support Cross Platform Makes Development Fast & Easy

Developers can create cross platform apps which are completely native apps using React Native. It uses JavaScript components which are build on Android or iOS components. This is the key advantage as it saves development time for cross platform app. Developers can share 90% of the code base between the different platforms.


Easy to Adopt Even for Fresher

It allows developers having knowledge of JavaScript to create apps for both the platforms Android and iOS. Developers can start developing React Native App just with the expertise of native UI elements, platform specific design pattern, native UI elements and platform APIs.



There are many more advantages such as rich ecosystem, open source, excellent community support, efficiency in terms of responsiveness, high speed and agility of the overall development process and several others makes it a popular platform for offering hi-end mobile app development solutions.

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